About Medicine Ridge Ovine

About Medicine Ridge Ovine

About Medicine Ridge Ovine

Medicine Ridge Ovine is located in the Parkland Region of Central Alberta, Canada. The farm is owned and operated by Gerrit and Ute Brinkmann who also breed Sport Horses under the name Equitop Farm.

The original Medicine Ridge Flock was purchased in 2010 from Deb & Ian Clark of Bentley, Alberta. Deb & Ian will continue as minority partners, and will participate in the genetic evaluation and selection process. The two families, in partnership, intend to expand the nucleus flocks and extend the genetic base with innovative bloodlines. The high-health status and bio-security precautions will be maintained.

The very first foundation stock was purchased by Deb & Ian in 1988. These were the first Rideau Arcott and Canadian Arcott, developed by the Animal Research Center of the University in Ottawa (ARCOTT).

Deb & Ian Clark were also the first breeders in North America to introduce Charollais and Ile De France sheep by importation of embryos from Europe.

Medicine Ridge Ovine offers a wide spectrum of genetic options from prolific Rideaus with high milk production, to dual-purpose Ile de France and fast growing producers of high quality meat, such as the Canadian and Charollais. Selection for specific traits within each breed allows us to generate bloodlines suitable for different management situations. Purebreds and F1 crosses are available, customized to suit client requirements.

The flock is rated “AA” after 10 years on the Western Canadian Flock Health Program and is registered on the Canadian Scrapie Certification Program. We performance test all of our breeding stock, with Ewebyte and GenOvis for genetic evaluation, using live-weight gain and ultrasound measurements of muscle and fat.

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