Canadian Arcott - Medicine Ridge Ovine

Canadian Arcott

Canadian Ram The Canadian is selected for:
  • Growth rate
  • Carcass quality
  • Fertility
  • Lamb vigor

The Canadian is a composite breed, based on: Ile de France, Suffolk and Leicester. The original flock was established by hysterectomy in 1980 at the Animal Research Centre in Ottawa. Canadians are large, well-muscled sheep generally with a white or beige face and legs. The wool is relatively fine for a terminal sire & should have no colored fibers. The face often has a small amount of wool on the forehead and the ears are large and held horizontally.

Average prolificacy: 200%
Average weight gains: 0.45 0.60 kg/day (1 1.30 lb)
Mature weight of ewes: 90 - 100 kgs (200 - 220 lbs)
Mature weight of rams: 120 - 140 kgs (260 - 310 lbs)

Canadian Ewes

These sheep have been selected for carcass quality.

They demonstrate better than average muscling with acceptable to ideal finish.

They are very hardy and lambs show great survivability.