Ile de France - Medicine Ridge Ovine

Ile De France

Idf ewe Lambs The Ile de France is selected for:
  • Growth rate
  • Carcass quality
  • Maternal instinct
  • A-seasonality
  • Wool quality

Ile de France were developed in the 1830s and first registered in 1892. Since 1933, they have been performance tested and started their own test station in 1972. It is the dominant breed in France and has been exported to more than 30 countries. Importation to Canada of embryos and semen from donors with high performance indices for terminal and material characteristics commenced in 1995.

Prolificacy: 180%
Average weight gain: 0.40 - 0.55kg (0.9-1.2lbs)
Mature body weight of Rams: 100 - 150kg (220-330lbs)
Mature body weight of Ewes: 90 - 95kg (200-210lbs)
Fleece: Fine, clean 23-29 microns
Weight: 5-6kg. Staple length 8-10cm.

Ile de France Carcass Ile de France Ram

Ile de France have been selected for 2 primary purposes:

(1) As a terminal sire to produce vigorous, hardy, fast growing lambs, yielding carcasses which grade well and demonstrate superior muscling of the loin and leg. They perform well on grain rations, and are particularly successful when raised on pasture. They finish at a variety of weights between 35 & 65kg.

(2) As an improver for crossbreeding with maternal breeds in commercial flocks. They add hardiness, longevity, feed conversion, out of season breeding ability and an excellent flocking instinct. They are valued for their survival instincts as adults and as new born lambs with heavily insulated birth coats. Their high wool quality is an asset when crossed with range breeds